Discover the exact process to effectively DETOX and heal your gut, brain and hormones at the same time so you can recover from Breast Implant Illness for good and get your life back.

Hey Warrior Sister, 
It's Diane Kazer here...

Have you recently explanted and feel like you've tried everything to feel well but are still struggling with any of the 10 most common signs of toxicity...
  • Inability to Burn Fat or Lose Weight
  • ​Chronic Fatigue or Hormone Issues
  • ​Body Pain, Joint Pain or Muscle Issues
  • ​Brain Fog, Difficulty Remembering Things
  • ​Depression, Anxiety, Irritability, Mood Issues
  • Headaches, Migraines, Lightheadedness
  • ​Shortness Of Breath
  • Sensitivity to Light, Sound, Smell
  • Constipation, Diarrhea and Digestive Problems
  • ​Sleep Issues, Insomnia, not feeling rested in the morning after waking.  
Well, it doesn't matter which one is a "yes" for you because here's the thing...

At the core, all symptoms in the body originate from the same source

So you see, if you want to truly take control of your health, overcome symptom chaos and get your life back, you've got to get to the root of what's really driving it.  

Maybe you found your way here because like me, you had Breast Implants and they made you sick...

And it's true, Breast Implants are endocrine disruptors and immune system disregulators that cause a state of metabolic chaos in which every system of the body begins to break down, resulting in symptoms.

But here's the other thing you may not yet be aware of...

Whilst the Breast Implants may have been a significant source of toxicity that compounded and accelerated your symptoms, they weren’t necessarily the starting point for them...

You see, the body is "Bio-Logical"

Which means it’s simply trying to "make sense of", cope and adapt to the stress, trauma and "information" it’s been receiving over your lifetime...

Which means, the root of your symptoms have likely been developing for years beforehand

Or perhaps they were covered over by taking medications or may have simply gone unnoticed, undiagnosed or shrugged off as something you just have to “deal with” (such as painful periods, chronic fatigue, joint pain or anxiety). 

Breast Implants then were just the final toxic, stress and emotional load that tipped your body over the edge.

So it doesn’t matter which specific symptom or “diagnosis” that your body is using to communicate with you - if you don’t address the underlying root cause that’s intelligently creating ALL of your symptoms as a smart, adaptive response to try and keep you alive…you’ll forever be chasing symptoms instead of returning to the full & vibrant health that you were designed to experience. 

And even if you didn’t have any health concerns before getting implants, if you’ve had any silicone and/or saline implant in your body, the toxins from those implants bleed into our bodies from DAY ONE of implantation.

Which means that Silicone, saline and 30+ Other toxins and Heavy Metals migrate to our lymph nodes, liver and brain creating havoc… that is, until you safely and sequentially assist the body to remove both the toxins and the stress & correlated emotions that created the dis-ease in the first place.

A 10-Day cleanse however, cannot remove what took 20-30 years to bioaccumulate

When most people (including most holistic practitioners and even Doctors) think about "detoxing" - they think of things like drinking Celery Juice, Green Smoothies, foot baths, coffee enemas, colon cleanses, juice fasting, or a 10 day herbal cleanse.  

And yet if you've tried what feels like "everything" but you still don't feel WELL (even after explant)...

It's because these strategies, and many others, can be helpful in supporting detox, but they are too far downstream to make the impact necessary to remove toxins at the cellular level

That's exactly why I created the Warrior Detox

A 90-Day full spectrum detox specifically designed for explant warriors to take you from battling symptom chaos, to getting your life back after explant.

The Warrior Detox Is Rooted In 3 Foundational Principles

Step 1:
The first step to healing is removing all the sources of toxicity which have been bioaccumulating in the body. 
When the source of interference is removed, the body's innate ability to heal itself can be restored. 
Step 2:
When your cells aren't working properly, toxins can't get out of the cells and hormones and nutrients can't get in. So in order to repair the cell, we must restore the cell membrane by reducing inflammation, and increasing cellular energy.  This is how you truly facilitate cellular healing. 
Step 3:
The third stage of Detoxing is about assisting the body to heal itself by creating the internal and external environment for it to do so, longterm.

It's about supporting YOU to know exactly how to take control of your health and create the lifestyle that supports optimum health, for life.  

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During this 90-Day process you will detox...


But remember...
Detoxing isn't about just "magical" supplements. 

Yes, the custom recommendations you'll get, plus the system that we use is pretty badass, but real detox is not short term, or about any "one" thing. That's why we've incorporated...

It's a complete system to support every aspect of your journey, from helping you stay on track through like minded community, to getting expert guidance from someone with specialised Breast Implant Illness and understands the emotional as well as biological ROOT CAUSES beyond physical symptoms (which trust me, VERY few practitioners understand)

Here's what you get inside the 90-Day Warrior Detox 

3 Months Detox Supplement Kit

Which includes:

1 * Prep Phase — 30 day supply
1 * Body Phase — 30 day supply
1 * Brain Phase — 30 day supply
2 * Bottles of Cytodetox — 60 day supply

Value: $730

Meta-Oxy Oxidation Test

This is a quick and easy test that measures malondialdehyde in the urine. Aldehydes are released into the bloodstream when fats, including cell membranes, are oxidized. The kidneys excrete them in the urine. Thus Meta-Oxy is a general measure of cell membrane oxidation due to free radical peroxidation of lipids. Test is 50 times more accurate than blood testing

Value: $80

6 Months Access to The Training Portal

Discover the exact steps to detox your mind, home, and body to get your health back for good. 
Clearly laid out and simple to use, this online haven is packed with resources to guide you through the Prep, Body & Brain Phases of the process & troubleshoot any detox symptoms so you feel your best throughout. 

Value: $1,245

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching & Private (NON Facebook) Group Support Forum

Every other week you'll jump on a call with Diane and the group to get expert guidance, answers to YOUR questions as well as advice, tips, tricks, or added protocols that can assist you in the detox process.
In between calls, connect and stay inspired with our community of like minded warrior (detox) sisters in a drama free zone.

Value: $2,300

Bonus: The Explant Solution

Exclusively for our Explant Warrior sisters - you'll be given access to The Explant Solution, a 21 Mini Video series - the ultimate bible of detox tips, guides and checklists to recover your health after pre & post explant. 

Value: $297

Total Value Included: $4,652 USD

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You must apply first to join the detox, this is to ensure we are both a good fit for each other. 
Click the button above to apply and a member from the CHI Team will connect with you in 3-5 business days

If you have already been approved to join the detox please pick your option below to get started.

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Or 3 Monthly Payments of $750 USD

  • 6 Months Access To Training Portal - Over 12hrs of comprehensive training to Detox your body, home and mind. 
  • Bi Weekly Support Calls With Diane - Get expert guidance, support and all of your questions answered. 
  • Private (NON Facebook) Support Forum - Get support and accountability from others on the same journey as you. 
  • 90 Day Supplement Kit - Contains 1* Prep, Body & Brain Phases + 2 Bottles of CytoDetox
  • Meta Oxy Home Test Kit for you to visibly measure your progress 
Monthly Payment Options Available
  • 6 Months Access To Training Portal - Over 12hrs of comprehensive training to Detox your body, home and mind. 
  • Bi Weekly Support Calls With Diane & Team - Get expert guidance, support and all of your questions answered. 
  • Private Support Forums - Get daily support and accountability from others on the same journey as you. 
  • 90 Day Supplement Kit - Contains 1* Prep, Body & Brain Phases + 2 Bottles of CytoDetox
  • Meta Oxy Home Test Kits for you to visibly measure your progress every month
  • BONUS - The Explant Solution Program
  • ================================
  • ⭐⭐ Custom Health Assessment - which will shed light on your health history as well as any emotional, chemical or physical stressors which may be blocking you
  • ⭐⭐ 2 * Functional Diagnostic Labs - Get specific data on what’s happening with your hormones, immunity, gut and toxic load with these advanced Functional Diagnostic Labs. 
    Once we have your data, the CHI team will prepare a custom protocol for you to address your specific needs.   
  • ⭐⭐ 3 * Private 1-1 Calls With our CHI Labs Health Practitioner Expert - Includes:

    1* Health History Assessment & Personalised Kickstart Plan,

    1 * Results & Recommendation Call once we have your Lab Results back (month 3),

    1* Follow Up Call to make any necessary adjustments & prepare you for post Detox self support

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Ready to get your life back?
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You must apply first to join the detox, this is to ensure we are both a good fit for each other. 
Click the button above to apply and a member from the CHI Team will connect with you in 3-5 business days

Who You Work With On This Journey, Matters

I'm Diane Kazer and I'm a former Pro soccer player turned Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Detoxification Expert, Breast Explant Conqueror and Author of Overcoming Breast Implant Illness.

Having now helped hundreds of women to self heal from emotional, hormonal and symptom chaos, upto explant, and beyond, I can't express how important it is to get the right guidance on this journey from someone who has the

🔑EXPERIENCE of working with hundreds of women to explant and beyond

👩‍🔬EDUCATION in explant with knowledge on specific areas of the body impacted and how to properly detox and heal them … and in the right order…

❤️ EMPATHY … because they've been there, and walked through the tumultuous journey of explant 

If you're ready to take control of your health, get your power back and go after and CRUSH the life you were made for. I'm your gal.  

Got Questions? I've got answers...

Q1. I'm a details person... how exactly does this Detox process work?

Great question. I like the way your mind works, Sister. 
The main system we use is True Cellular Detox, and it works in 3 distinct phases which each last for a month (30 Days). 
The process works as follows...
The Prep Phase is all about opening and optimising the detox pathways with a goal of supporting cellular function and strengthening the pathways.
This allows toxins to be properly eliminated from the body instead of simply being recirculated, causing further damage (which is what most "detoxes" out there do.) 
The Body phase adds a true binder called CytoDetox. The goal of the Body Phase is to set up a concentration gradient to move toxins from areas of higher concentration to lower concentration prior to removing the toxins from deeper tissues, such as the brain.
After completing the first two phases, the True Cellular Detox Brain phase begins. This is “where the magic happens.” 
In this phase, a fat-soluble agent is added to drive CytoDetox into the brain to support neurotoxin elimination.

Q2. Can I just get the supplements and do this by myself?

Well, I'm curious...why would you want to?

For most people the usual reasoning for this comes down to cost and thinking it would be cheaper to just get the supplements thinking they are the magic pill to your recovery. And hey, after a long struggle with Breast Implant Illness & symptom chaos it's understandable to be looking for a cheap solution.

But what's that thing that we've all come to learn over time? Oh yeah.... buy cheap, buy twice

The thing is, firstly - as registered practitioners we get the supplements for upto 30%  cheaper than retail prices and that discount is passed on to you with no markup. 

Secondly, this process is SO. MUCH. MORE than supplements. Yes, they're incredibly helpful...BUT...

It's about what you're eating everyday, how you're living everyday, what you're thinking everyday, the stress & trauma your body is still holding onto.

It's about giving yourself the support you deserve & crave so you stop having to do this by yourself. 

It's about getting this done properly so you NEVER AGAIN have to trawl around the internet or doctors office searching for answers.

It's about working with someone who's got years of experience, working with hundreds of clients and knowing exactly where to look so you don't waste years and thousands of dollars on expensive treatments that don't work. 

So in short, I'm sure you can buy the kit somewhere on the internet - but it's really only 25% of what this program is about. 

I'm thinking you're not here because you want to feel a bit better... am I right?

If that's the case, and you're ready to RISE - Join Us. 

Q3. Will I get 1-1 Private Coaching & Protocols in this program?

The Warrior Detox 90-Day Program is a guided group experience where the Bi-Weekly Calls are a chance to gather, get inspired and get all of your questions answered as a group so as to allow for maximum learning.  

You'll be able to ask questions throughout the week and if it's something everyone will benefit from - it'll be answered on the Bi-Weekly Calls or Diane may create a short video response inside the group. 

However if you're someone who knows you'd love to go deeper on your health journey, you value personalised attention and want get a complete set of Labs done with us and receive customized support directly from Diane and the CHI team - we've created an option for that too in the Custom Warrior Detox which you can see here. 

Q4. Is there any guarantee of results?

Ooh I love this question. Ok, Here's my guarantee. 

I guarantee that if you follow the advice given, take action on what we share, show up to the Q&A calls with an open heart, ready to be real and vulnerable - you will see huge shifts in your health. 

I also guarantee, that if you come with one foot in, and one out...and don't take action, and either don't show up for the calls, or don't ask questions or allow yourself to be seen & heard... then you'll probably see some results, but it won't be anything near whats possible when you choose to go all in. 

This might sound harsh, but I say this because I'd rather let you down now, than 90-days from now. 

Typically what I find is that when we're wondering if there's a guarantee - what we're really concerned about is wasting money, getting hurt and disappointing ourselves or others.  

And sister, I want you to know that I totally get it. And I've got you.. 

That's exactly why I put this program together to provide everything I know you need to get the results you're seeking, if you show up for it. 

That's why we do not offer any guarantees or refunds on this program because you need to be all in, with eyes front on where you're headed. 

If however you're really on the fence and need to get a specific question answered - ping me your question using the widget below and we'll get right back to you.  

Q5. Am I going to be completely "healed" after 90-days?

Firstly, we don't promise to "heal" anything, which is an important distinction to make.

And even if we could (what with all my goddess powers LOL), it wouldn't be ME, us or even this PROGRAM "healing" anything - it would be YOUR BODY doing exactly what it already knows to how to do.

Our focus together is on getting rid of the things which BLOCK your body's innate intelligence from doing what it does best. 

Those blockers are Toxins, Infections and Trauma. 

Now, with that all said, what's typically going on with this question is a desire to have a realistic timeframe on how long it'll take to start feeling like yourself again. I get it.  

We live in a time where we want results yesterday and preferably in a convenient pill. 

So my answer to this question is... it depends

It depends on where your starting point is, how long your toxic load has been building up and how much you're willing to go all in on making your health your number 1 priority.

This program is a 90-day container because it's the perfect length of time to support you in creating the knowledge, rituals & routines that turn your mind, body and lifestyle into the environment where healing NATURALLY occurs

But it's important to remember that your symptoms have likely been developing for years  (read this for a refresher) and so it's going to take TIME for your body to recover. 

Realistically, you should expect to be following a clear & systematic detox plan for 1 year to truly give your body the time and space it needs to not just recover, but truly THRIVE. 

Luckily for you - you'll create that plan inside this program.  This is about giving you the tools and knowledge to know HOW to live in epic health not just for 90-days, but forever. 

Q6. I still have my implants, can I do this detox?

The first foundational principle of detoxing is to remove all possible sources of toxicity. 

If you're struggling with Breast Implant Illness, you're in the right place, as many women are seeking support on making decisions to explant or not and all the details along the way. 

Explant surgery is a choice that every woman must make for herself and there are lots of reasons why women get Implants in the first place, so for that reason if you're not sure if you want to go that route or you're awaiting explant surgery, we can help you prepare for your pre explant game plan + post explant Detox and Healing protocol. 

Q7. I'm outside of the USA, can I still work with you?

Yes, we can certainly help you if you're outside of the USA, except the price for the Detox Kit + Shipping will be different (as these are calculated for US customers only). 

To get the accurate price for your country please message me over here (or using the widget below), tell me which country you're in, and I'll get back to you with a quote and or suggestions for how we can make it work. 

Have a question that I haven't answered? Hit me up!

If you're feeling called to take part in The Warrior Detox but have a burning question you'd like an answer to - send me your question directly here and I'll get right back to you. 

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It's time, sister. 

To go all in. Choose YOU. And rise. 

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You must apply first to join the detox, this is to ensure we are both a good fit for each other. 
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